How to Dress Appropriately for Spring

To dress appropriately for Spring, try to wear different layers, since the temperature can fluctuate. For instance, if you're wearing short sleeves, bring along a jacket or cardigan. Look for clothes in light, bright colors and patterns, like pastels or florals, to reflect the changing seasons. (wikihow)






When the day is absolutely beautiful and you start to enjoy your surroundings more than ever. You think your gym inspired outfit is way cooler than normal. You find a nice quiet space and enjoy your peace and quiet if only for a minimum amount of time. What are obvious go to’s for quality me time?


Fashion is literally all around us and inspiration is where we find our best looks. One look in the mirror can decide an entire day. This outfit or not? This look or not? Your answer is your day, or hour. Your decision is your best...everything. 

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The most important part of fashionable dressing is the season. The winter season makes your fashion choices less but not less important. Accessories can be the creative choice and your accessories can make the outfit. A hat, scarf, gloves can make an entire outfit stylish and seasonally appropriate. A scarf of different lengths, fabrics and textures. A hat wether it be a warm weather hat that covers the ears or a cap style hat that with a brim stylishly covers your head. Gloves can be mitten style, glove style and short or long sleeved. A winter outfit can take on new meaning and show your creative and fashion sense. 

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