Quick Tip

Picking the right Christmas tree takes careful thought and preparation. Yes, if you want a live tree that is easy on the shedding and a perfect height for your living room or an artificial tree that can be put up year after year. Your thought, your plan. A tree can mean serious business or it can be a quick and easy purchase. Have fun and enjoy the process because Christmas only comes once a year. 🎄

If you understood how important your beverage cup was in the morning, you would chuckle. Most people drink their favorite morning beverage and don't pay much attention to what's holding that coveted drink. Coffee, you say? How important is that coffee mug? As important as keeping that correct temperature and making sure your grasp is comfortable. Tea? make sure that tea bag can steep properly without making that brew too bitter and also has ease of use. Your morning beverage cup should be of importance, so take a little extra time picking out your newfound cup.  

Quick Tip: Thinking about decor with a purpose? Think centerpieces, wall frames, throw blankets, mini sculptures, decorative chair backs and/or covers. Creatively, the decision is up to you, so a table's centerpiece can decide an entire room's decor. Make sure your decision creatively makes you happy.

Quick Tip: The upcoming Easter holiday makes your decorating theme easier than you can imagine. Find a object and center your decor around it. For example a table runner with spring designs or colors can help decide the decor for an entire dining room. 

Depend on your style to determine your creative output. You instinctly know what is your obvious decorative ability. The occasion calls for your style to take center stage. 

Cooking 101, becomes what's your breakfast idea? That means that breakfast preparation becomes how well you know your way around the kitchen. Eggs, biscuits, bacon, etc. Your menu says wether you are kitchen chef, soux chef in training or a mixture of both. Scrambled eggs, eggs over easy, fried eggs or boiled. Your menu choice can suggest a consummate chef. Also, plating can often go unnoticed. When you place those meticulously prepared eggs on that nice porcelain plate, think garnish as well. That means those eggs would look even more appetizing with a sprinkle of parsley or chives. 

Planning and preparation go hand in hand. Holiday decor is as simple as your pallette. Think soft pastels right? Green, becomes pastel green and so on. Also, a varied pallette could include a mix of soft pastel colors. You could also think to use one primary pastel color as your color choice for your holiday theme. Creatively your pallette is your creative decision. 

Holidays are for creating. The next holiday on the agenda is Easter. Hopefully you have safely packed away all of your Valentine decorations with hopes of reusing some of them for next year or if you only have decor that cannot be used again, you have disposed of them. However, if you get into the habit of buying something that will make it easier to make sure you decorate to your liking and palette. So, let’s start Easter preparation. Your table is set. That means, plates, chargers, glasses, napkins, table runners, table centerpieces etc. Decorating the dining room table is a nice start, then kitchen, bathrooms, living room etc. If you can’t quite get into decorating, the dining room table is a wonderful start. Your decorating ability is what becomes the topic of discussion, so put thought into what you decide to do. The Easter color palette is relatively simple but feel free to make changes as you deem fit. A comfortable palette based on pastels is normally key. Soft pinks, purples, greens etc make for a subtle but gorgeous decor. Also, Easter makes for easy accessories, so shimmering eggs, little rabbits, wooden baskets, and green Easter grass become important. You can also incorporate some silvers and golds in your accessories. That means charger plates, candle holders, etc. are great ways to add pops of these colors. You can also plan your Easter menu and decide if you will prepare breakfast, brunch and or dinner. Nevertheless, now is the time to decide how much planning you will decide to do. Also, find out the menu necessities for guests and what has to be added or omitted. You know who has to have vegetarian fare and who will prefer seafood. As a hostess, you have a lot of decisions that are purely your own so you may adjust accordingly. You can also make a themed meal and focus only on seafood, vegetarian fare or traditional entree choices. You will soon realize why planning is essential and fundamental. Last minute preparation should only be anything that does not require much thought. That means, menial tasks and menial accessories. You would be surprised how important a napkin can be. A color palette means even napkins should coordinate. Also, when you really are serious about planning, you can look into stylish Easter everything. That means your beverages are even part of your theme. Think pink beverages and maybe you can freeze your pink lemonade to make pink ice cubes. Also, your dip can have a small infusion of food dye and become pink dip for your vegetables. If you haven’t quite got to the point where your beverages are Easter color friendly, then opt for pastel colored glasses, plates and other decor. A soft and subtle pastel themed palette makes for creative and stylish decor. You would be surprised how a shimmering egg in an antique wooden basket can become a centerpiece for your otherwise drab dining room table. Also, think silverware, chair covers and wall decor to add an extra something to your creative feats. You can bring out your inner crafter for your napkin holders or your silverware holders. Also, your chairs could use a nice update with ribbons, fabric or some other decorative feature. You can think about your outfit and what the day will entail as well. Think color palette as well, that means shoes, dress, handbag etc. Yes, your outfit is also an important thought to have for this holiday season. If you decide, dress, skirt or suit make your decision sooner than later. Also, note your handbag will be a key accessory and it would be nice to have a nice subtle color like this Springs new it colors. You should pay attention to your creative impulses which often go unnoticed, so you think. You would be surprised how noticed your dining room table is as well as your matching handbag and shoes. The great thing about holidays is that preparation is imperative but time is of your essence, do do what’s best for you. Pressure, what pressure? That is what preparation is for, so prepare and use your time wisely. If you get a start sooner than later, you leave less room for error. Although you want to give yourself sometime because your errors are your creative indiscretions. Wall decor, is a great way to show your creativity. Don’t forget that wreaths are not just great for Christmas, they are perfect for Easter when they become embellished with Easter eggs and flowers. You should also know that wall decor also includes the use of frames for pictures. If you are creative and you know how to show creativity in your own way, then a stylish frame will make all the difference on an otherwise barren or dull wall. This holiday is your oyster, so plan and plan and plan. It is your ideas that become the feature, so enjoy. 

Preparation is the key. The menu, the outfit and the decor is the focus. Decide your color pallette and stick to it as close as possible. You could actually include a paper menu handed out to guests and also a menu included on invitations. Be mindful of your guests when you decide your menu and oblige for specific menu suggestions if possible. Also, you can also dress with your decor in mind. That means your outfit can compliment your decor by subtle color choice.