Quick Tip

Autumn Home Decor Tip:  Warm Hues: Incorporating warm, autumnal hues into your decor is the first step in preparing your house for fall.  Accent cushions, blankets, carpets, and even artwork are all options for incorporating autumnal hues. They instantly provide a welcoming atmosphere.

Autumn Tip: Get creative with crafts: Embrace your artistic side by making autumn-themed crafts like wreaths, leaf prints, or homemade decorations. 

Spring Season : Events


The following are some occasions that are typically associated with spring:

1. Easter celebrations

2. Earth Day

3. Spring Equinox

4. Cherry Blossom Festival

5. May Day celebrations

6. Mother's Day

7. Kentucky Derby

8. Cinco de Mayo

9. Memorial Day weekend 

10.Spring Break (for schools and universities)

Picking the right Christmas tree takes careful thought and preparation. Yes, if you want a live tree that is easy on the shedding and a perfect height for your living room or an artificial tree that can be put up year after year. Your thought, your plan. A tree can mean serious business or it can be a quick and easy purchase. Have fun and enjoy the process because Christmas only comes once a year. 🎄

If you understood how important your beverage cup was in the morning, you would chuckle. Most people drink their favorite morning beverage and don't pay much attention to what's holding that coveted drink. Coffee, you say? How important is that coffee mug? As important as keeping that correct temperature and making sure your grasp is comfortable. Tea? make sure that tea bag can steep properly without making that brew too bitter and also has ease of use. Your morning beverage cup should be of importance, so take a little extra time picking out your newfound cup.  

Quick Tip: Thinking about decor with a purpose? Think centerpieces, wall frames, throw blankets, mini sculptures, decorative chair backs and/or covers. Creatively, the decision is up to you, so a table's centerpiece can decide an entire room's decor. Make sure your decision creatively makes you happy.

Quick Tip: The upcoming Easter holiday makes your decorating theme easier than you can imagine. Find a object and center your decor around it. For example a table runner with spring designs or colors can help decide the decor for an entire dining room. 

Depend on your style to determine your creative output. You instinctly know what is your obvious decorative ability. The occasion calls for your style to take center stage. 

Cooking 101, becomes what's your breakfast idea? That means that breakfast preparation becomes how well you know your way around the kitchen. Eggs, biscuits, bacon, etc. Your menu says wether you are kitchen chef, soux chef in training or a mixture of both. Scrambled eggs, eggs over easy, fried eggs or boiled. Your menu choice can suggest a consummate chef. Also, plating can often go unnoticed. When you place those meticulously prepared eggs on that nice porcelain plate, think garnish as well. That means those eggs would look even more appetizing with a sprinkle of parsley or chives.