MARC JACOBS Perfect Eau de Parfum


  Perfect Eau de Parfum MARC JACOBS icon

What it is: A comforting floral fragrance that's a celebration of self-love, originality and you.

Fragrance story: The perfume was inspired by Marc Jacobs’s mantra: 'I am perfect as I am,' which is symbolized by a tattoo of the word 'perfect' on his wrist. Like his tattoo, Perfect Marc Jacobs is about embracing and expressing one’s true self. Modern, bright and feminine, Perfect is an unconventional yet harmonious clash of fresh floral and calming, smooth notes. The fragrance opens with juicy notes of rhubarb and bright daffodil that reveal a comforting heart of almond milk. The scent finishes with a soft dry down of cedarwood and cashmeran.

Style: Floral.


- Top: rhubarb, daffodil.

- Middle: almond milk.

- Base: cashmeran.


BOTTEGA VENETA Illusione For Her Eau de Parfum


  Illusione For Her Eau de Parfum BOTTEGA VENETA icon

What it is: A floral eau de parfum presented in an elegant, unforgettable light and hazy bottle.

Fragrance story: This feminine fragrance features aromatic notes of bergamot and blackcurrant, with orange blossom refreshed by green fig leaves. An expression of sensuality is rounded by olive wood and tonka bean essences.

Style: Floral.


- Top: blackcurrant.

- Middle: orange blossom.

- Base: olive wood.


YVES SAINT LAURENT Blouse Eau de Parfum


  Blouse Eau de Parfum YVES SAINT LAURENT icon

What it is: Blouse is the expression of self-confident sensuality.

Fragrance story: A floral fragrance defined by the sensual caress of a modern rose, tied by an animalic angelica. Black pepper and bergamot essence open the fragrance with a light breeze. The rose essence grants a supreme lightness sensation. The animalic angelica and the powdery white musk envelop the body and extend the sensuality.

Fragrance type: Floral


- Top: Bergamont, black pepper rose, angelica


CREED Spring Flower Fragrance


  Spring Flower Fragrance CREED icon

What it is: A fruity, floral and fresh fragrance that embodies pure femininity in its bright pink-bottle bedecked with a bow.

Fragrance story: Spring Flower is an attempt to bottle the glamour and fashion of Hollywood's Golden Age. Much like the erstwhile starlets of the silver screen, the style and grace of this scent makes it a timeless classic. Flirtatious fruity/fresh top notes intrigue the senses, softening into delicate florals and sensual musk.

Style: Fruity, floral, fresh.


- Top: bergamot, apple, apricot, melon, peach.

- Middle: jasmine, rose.

- Base: musk.




  L'eau À la Rose Eau de Toilette MAISON FRANCIS KURKDJIAN PARIS icon

What it is: An eau de toilette that unfolds on the skin with delicate floral fruity freshness.

Fragrance story: A drop of this radiant and airy eau de toilette reflects a bouquet of four hundred newly bloomed roses.

Style: Floral.


- Top: lychee accord.

- Middle: damascena rose oil, peony accord.

- Base: centifolia rose absolute, musks.


CREED Aventus For Her Fragrance


  Aventus For Her Fragrance CREED icon

What it is: A fragrance that marks the irresistible feminine counterpart to the legendary Aventus.

Fragrance story: Nearly three years in the making, this olfactory celebration of strong women was highly anticipated before its triumphant unveiling by The House of Creed. Aventus for Her is inspired by some of history's most powerful women—empresses, queens and heads of state, who were Creed's clients—as well as modern women everywhere who confidently shatter glass ceilings. The Aventus for Her spirit lives in every woman. She is poised with inner strength and radiance, and leaves an indelible mark on all she touches. To be near her is to feel the presence of greatness.

Style: Floral, fresh.


- Top: Egyptian green apple, pink berries, Indonesian patchouli, Italian bergamot.

- Middle: Bulgarian rose, Turkish rose, Indian sandalwood, styrax, musk.

- Base: sweet peach, cassis, lilac, amber, ylang-ylang.

VERSACE Dylan Blue Pour Femme Eau de Parfum


  Dylan Blue Pour Femme Eau de Parfum VERSACE icon

What it is: A set featuring the fruity and floral eau de parfum, in full- and travel-size sprays, a body lotion and a bath and shower gel.

Fragrance story: An alchemy of alluring notes dance, seduce and come together in an elegant embrace. The bottle's elegant curves bring to mind an amphora, evoking Greek culture and mythology.

Style: Floral.

Set includes:

- Full-size Eau de Parfum (3.4 oz.)

- Sublime Body Lotion (3.4 oz.)

- Sublime Bath & Shower Gel (3.4 oz.)

- Travel-size Eau de Parfum (0.17 oz.)


- Top: blackcurrant.

- Middle: wild blooms.

- Base: musk.


GUCCI Guilty Pour Femme Eau de Parfum Set


  Guilty Pour Femme Eau de Parfum Set GUCCI icon

What it is: A eau de parfum that ushers in the next chapter of Gucci Guilty signature fragrances, in full- and travel-size sprays and a body lotion.

Fragrance story: Gucci Guilty Pour Femme revels in the notion of women who are truly liberated. A modern declaration of self-expression and fearlessness burns brightly in the new powerful statement #ForeverGuilty. Blended for the new revolution, the Gucci Guilty Pour Femme scent is reborn and an oriental floral brings richness and nobility to the original eau de toilette. Superior floral notes and enhanced natural fragrances flourish into a strong and refined eau de parfum. The perfume is intensified, radiating with commanding ingredients mandora, pink pepper, lilac and patchouli. Opening in the mood of the scents message, a top note experience is redolent with the citrus notes of mandora fruit found in the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, smoothed out with natural bergamot and pink pepper. The heart defines the scent's new complexity. Lilac is contrasted with rosy and violet notes and layered with geranium oil to create a nuanced and individual floral blend. Defining the scent is a deep natural duet of patchouli oils, patchouli coeur and patchouli oil micro-distillation combined with ambery notes, which leave an enduring silage—the time the perfume's fragrance liners in the air when worn.

Style: Oriental.

Set includes:

- Full-size Eau de Parfum (3 oz.)

- Travel-size Eau de Parfum (0.5 oz.)

- Body Lotion (1.6 oz.)


- Top: mandora, pink pepper.

- Middle: lilac.

- Base: patchouli.

MARC JACOBS Daisy Eau So Intense Eau de Parfum


  Daisy Eau So Intense Eau de Parfum MARC JACOBS icon

What it is: A rich, vibrant, sparkling eau de parfum that offers a deeper twist on the classic Daisy perfume.

Fragrance story: Created by world-renowned master perfumer Alberto Morillas, this fragrance is vibrant, with sparkling bursts of strawberry and pear revealing a sweet honey and elegant rosebud heart. A lingering trail of soft vanilla, balanced by a crisp green moss, envelops you in a truly unique, enticing blend. Inspired by the golden glow of a sunset, the fragrance evokes the feeling of biting into a juicy strawberry on a warm spring day.

Style: Floral.


- Top: pear, strawberry, bergamot.

- Middle: jasmine, rosebuds, honey.

- Base: benzoin, moss, vanilla.


SALVATORE FERRAGAMO Giardini di Seta Eau de Parfum


  Giardini di Seta Eau de Parfum SALVATORE FERRAGAMO icon

What it is: A vibrant and luminous eau de parfum that is born to surprise.

Fragrance story: The sweet and sour freshness of rhubarb unveils a red and pink heart of sakura flower, which blends harmoniously with the woody notes of Madagascar vetiver. The fragrance opens the gates to the hidden gardens of fantasy. Inspired by the precious and light fabric of silk fluttering in the air, Salvatore Ferragamo's genderless fragrance collection made with rare and sustainable materials can be worn alone or layered to create a personalized multifaceted blend.

Style: Fruity, floral.


- Top: red rhubarb.

- Middle: sakura flower, Filo di Seta exclusive accord.

- Base: vetiver from Madagascar.