Great Idea


I have to spend a moment reflecting on the wonderful invention called the Iphone 7 Plus. Literally a blogger's dream. No, every person who believes in capturing the moment everywhere. There is unbelievable ease in picture taking, video recording, downloading apps and even note taking. There are no bad ideas in this creation. I am extremely happy with everything from the photo editing, live photo moments, panaromic pictures and the memory feature. You wouldn't believe how adorable it is to make memories of your past year's holidays. I haven't found a person who doesn't have great things to say about this wonderful invention. I think the Iphone 7 is a winner but the plus is an all star. Now onto the IPhone 8! Enjoy! 

Why Not? - Sushi Kit


While seemingly simple in form, these Japanese-crafted tools draw on centuries of sushi-making experience. The hangiri tub, which allows you to spread, cool and evenly season rice, is made of hand-carved and slatted Japanese spruce that will absorb excess moisture and impart a delicate spruce fragrance. Unlike pine tubs, it won't warp, mold or splinter. The accompanying rice paddle makes portioning, scooping and stirring easy, while the bamboo rolling mat yields compact, restaurant-quality rolls.
Tub is handcrafted of slatted Japanese spruce that won't warp, mold or splinter.
Paddle is made of hand-carved Japanese spruce for strength.
Natural bamboo rolling mat forms and compresses sushi rolls with ease.
Set includes: hangiri tub, bamboo rolling mat and rice paddle.
Made in Japan.

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