Fashion Tips

Pre-Summer 2023 Jewelry

The official start of summer is June 21st, so let’s see what are some ways to accessorize with style in the coming summer months.

1. Shell necklaces and bracelets 

2. Beaded anklets 

3. Hoop earrings 

4. Stackable rings 

5. Statement earrings with bright colors or tassels 

6. Layered necklaces with delicate chains and charms 

7. Friendship bracelets with colorful threads 

8. Turquoise or coral gemstone jewelry 

9. Adjustable choker necklaces with beachy motifs like starfish or seashells 

10. Lightweight wooden or bamboo earrings

Spring Accessories


Spring is not quite over, so here are some ways to accessorize in style during the rest of this Spring season.

1. Sunglasses

2. Hats (straw, fedora, sun hats)

3. Scarves (lightweight and colorful)

4. Umbrellas 

5. Tote bags and crossbody bags

6. Sandals and flip flops 

7. Light jackets or cardigans 

8. Statement jewelry (earrings, necklaces, bracelets) in bright colors

9. Floral hair accessories 

10. Lightweight shawls or wraps 


Fashion is literally all around us and inspiration is where we find our best looks. One look in the mirror can decide an entire day. This outfit or not? This look or not? Your answer is your day, or hour. Your decision is your best...everything. 

How To Choose Shoes According To The Occasion


Footwear, like the other pieces of an outfit, is vital to look great, so you must know how to choose shoes according to the occasion, taking into account the time and place where you will go, if you are going to a casual or very formal meeting, if you are going for a walk or to work. In short, the type of event that will be attended and the environment where it will take place are crucial. For this reason, you should take note of the following tips:

The size of the shoe is very important:


The first thing to consider when deciding how to choose shoes is their size; It should be the most suitable for your feet, since they must be comfortable, not too tight or too loose.

Shoes for all occasions:


One way to choose shoes for any occasion is to choose the most classic models; that surely will combine with most styles, either with formal or casual clothes; while highly informal shoes are not recommended for wearing sophisticated or formal styles.

The most appropriate color for a formal shoe:


When deciding how to choose formal shoes, a basic aspect is the choice of color, which, in this case, is the most appropriate is black, or failing that, a dark color, such as tobacco brown, lead-gray, navy blue, among other dark shades.

Choosing casual shoes:


If you are going to attend an informal event or a meeting with friends, where you want to stand out with a daring and fun style, then you should choose modern, different designs, with details, and especially in attractive colors, which attract attention; in models such as moccasins, nautical shoes, among others. However, caution should be used with flip flops or sandals, because they can be very informal or not very presentable for some casual events, in certain spaces and moments.

How to choose shoes for the parties:


These types of shoes are usually kept in the closet, exclusively to go to those big parties, where looking stunning and elegant is the main objective of women, and practically all have platforms or high heels. They must be striking, with details that impact, that serve as the central focus of the entire outfit, that their model and color, make anyone turn.

The most daring in general, to choose red shoes, without neglecting yellow or fuchsia, which definitely add showiness, without falling into the grotesque, and they can maintain elegance and distinction perfectly. Everything will depend on the rest of the outfit, the attitude of the person wearing them, and accessories, makeup, and hairstyles.

How to choose casual shoes:


Casual shoes are the battle horse of every woman, since they are the ones that are worn most of the time, to walk, go to work, to university, to walk in the city, to go shopping, attend meetings with friends, informal meetings, etc.

Within casual shoes, sandals are one of the most used and preferred by many women, for the comfort of most models, they look fun, and there is a wide variety, closed, open, no heel, low heel, medium or high, platforms, in short, there is something for all tastes and styles.

But, the time and place should be considered to know how to choose shoes with these characteristics, since, for example, platform sandals with continuous heels provide comfort and combine with causal, but more serious styles, as well as high-heeled ones, since they look very sophisticated; But the flat-heeled ones cannot be worn with casual looks, but not so casual, since they can spoil everything.

Sandals are increasingly accepted at weddings, especially in the spring and summer months. However, unless the ceremony is outdoors, it is best to limit this option to day weddings. The closed shoe, on the other hand, remains the universal option for this type of party.

Other aspects that must be considered when deciding how to choose suitable or appropriate shoes according to the occasion are the height of the heels, the details or decorations they have, the type of sole, among others, and which in turn will depend on factors such as the season of the year since the climate is basic in the choice.


Accesorize. Sounds easy enough. Actually accessorizing is a little more time consuming then picking a blouse, skirt or matching shoes. A nice bracelet, necklace or earrings takes a bit more time to make sure that the accessory is complimentary to the outfit and adds to the outfit and does not take away from it. A dainty bracelet does wonder in regards to a casual outfit as opposed to a large chunky necklace which can make a casual errands outfit look not so casual. At true fashionistas know that accessories are necessary and never to execessive. Why? Earring, rings, and even anklets almost always have some place in your outfit choice. Accesorize is not a overbearing statement, it can make a smile for a great outfit put together even bigger. 

Warm weather boots look fantastic with a matching handbag. Think about your accessories when you pick that outfit to wear. Your handbag can be a statement piece and make your outfit even trendier. 

Ear muffs, yes ear muffs. The weather is colder and you can still have that gorgeous hairdo shown to the world. Headphones worn, make the thought easier of course. Or maybe you know that ear muffs are a great way to keep the cold air away from your ears while making sure your accessories match your scarf, gloves and muffler. Think about the concept the next time you pick out a few warm weather accessories. 

Windy days cause for windy wear. Try a nice zippered jacket or a coat and a stylish scarf that will prevent flyaway hair. Also, it would be a great idea to use a crossbody bag. 

Colder weather equals warmer fashion. Don't forget the matching scarf when you decide to wear those stylish gloves. Also, your handbag can be placed on your shoulder (if it has a shoulder strap) so that you can keep your hands warm.