Seasonal Accents: Fall is the perfect time to bring out those seasonal accents that instantly make you think of autumn. Wreaths made of fall foliage on the front door, displaying centerpieces of dried flowers on the dining table and swapping out everyday dishes for ones with fall-inspired patterns. These are just a few of the small touches that can make a big impact and create a cohesive fall theme throughout the home.

Decor with a purpose. Pillows, pictures, throw blankets etc. Change the look of an entire room with accessories and odds and ends. For sofas, add a pillow and for desks and mantles a small sculpture. Your creativity is your decor. Enjoy! 

Bamboo Flooring


Mohawk Industries WEW03-180 Light Ebony Bamboo Light Ebony Strand Woven Hardwood Flooring - 4-4/5" Wide Planks (22.15 SF / Carton)

A unique, and environmentally-friendly, manufacturing process creates bamboo planks that are twice the hardness of Domestic Oak hardwood planks. With enough durability for a variety of applications, the Halea and Kahala styles are designed to give a new look to timeless flooring.