Joe Doucet’s Fashionable Face Shield Launches




It's stylish. It's a Class 1 medical device. And it's available for orders, starting Friday.

As the world reels from revelations that no place is safe from the coronavirus— whether that’s Amazon, Congress or the White House itself — a new product ventures into the market pledging to help consumers worried about infection.

On Friday, award-winning product designer Joe Doucet revealed that he’s turned his fashionable face shield concept into reality. Doucet made a splash this spring with his own take on a healthy safety product that, he hopes, people will actually want to wear. Now the product is in production and ready to take orders, with availability in November.

He explained his concept to WWD in May: “If I could adopt that common behavior [of wearing glasses] and create a face shield that would be very desirable to wear, something that has a factor about it that you want to put on, perhaps we can achieve more mass adoption of this necessity.”

In keeping with the vision, the $39 Vue Shield sits at the nose bridge and both ears, like eyeglasses and comes in three styles: a sunglasses aesthetic for men and women, plus a clear unisex version. “Additionally we have incorporated anti-fog, full UVA/UVB and SPF-50 coatings,” Doucet told WWD on Friday. “The clear version comes with a blue light-blocking coating as well.”

For now, he’s selling directly to consumers online at Vue Shield’s web site, with shipments worldwide. But the designer anticipates product availability at other retailers before long. He’s already tackled the difficulty of spinning up full-scale production during a global pandemic — which has been “the largest challenge,” he said — and now manufacturing partners can handle up to one million units a month for wholesale orders.

So far, most of the public discourse around personal protection has revolved around face masks, though health experts regularly weigh in on whether they offer better protection than shields. The opinion seems to vary, depending on whom one asks.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends wearing “cloth face coverings in public settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain.” Other organizations such as University of Iowa Health Care and Ohio Department of Health have also indicated that face masks are preferred, particularly when they’re adequately sealed to the face.

According to a question-and-answer column offered by MIT Medical this summer, masks can capture large respiratory droplets before they hit the air, which can help protect surrounding people. By contrast, a face shield, by virtue of its more open design, could allow the droplets to escape.

Notably, though, a team from MIT produces disposable face shields for use in hospitals, where medical personnel often use both masks and shields.

Face shields appear to have other proponents as well. In The Journal of the American Medical Association, University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine professors noted that “face shields appear to significantly reduce the amount of inhalation exposure to influenza virus, another droplet-spread respiratory virus.” In a study with a simulated health-care worker, face shields seemed to reduce immediate viral exposure by 96 percent.

And Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security’s pandemic expert Amesh Adalja, M.D., has publicly acknowledged the possibility that a face shield is better than a homemade face mask, “and maybe [it’s] even better than other types of masks as well.” He pointed out that, in addition to blocking the spread of viruses, a shield also protects the eyes. “It provides more protection to the mucus membranes of your face where you might be getting infected,” he said.

Of course, Doucet’s opinion on the matter is obvious: He believes shields are more effective at preventing infection, and they also keep people from touching their faces — which can be a major vector, he said, as “we do this over 20 times an hour.”

For his product, in particular, “we have designed the shield to mound around one’s face, unlike other face shields which are quite open on the sides and bottom,” he added. The unit sits taller and curves above the head and under the chin, and covers the sides of the face.

Another key aspect that could help ease nervousness: Vue Shield is qualified as a Class 1 medical device. And if that’s not enough, at-risk people can double up by wearing a mask inside the shield, as the design allows for that.



(Joe Doucet’s Fashionable Face Shield Launches; It's stylish. It's a Class 1 medical device. And it's available for orders, starting Friday;

Elie Saab RTW Spring 2021

The mood is "more fancy-relaxed and cool clothes than high-heels," the designer said.


In a historically challenging year, Lebanon has seen more than its fair share of hardships.

An explosion at Beirut’s main port on Aug. 4 killed 200 people, injured 6,000 more and ravaged neighborhoods and businesses already reeling from the coronavirus. The country is now bracing for a second wave of infections on top of escalating political and economic crises. But the fashion business continues to persevere.

“We’re managing,” said Elie Saab on a call from Beirut, explaining that damage to his atelier from the explosion was repaired within two weeks, allowing the team to get back to work producing couture, which he showed via look book two months late, and now ready-to-wear, which he presented via a short film during Paris Fashion Week.

Business in his shops is down, “but haute couture is the same,” Saab said. And he has high hopes for his new spring rtw, which harnesses the power of positive thinking to suggest we will be out of seclusion by spring, in time for a romantic, outdoorsy adventure.

“It’s a celebration of life,” he said of the film, shot in the hills of Mount Lebanon near his country home, featuring a group of models, sans masks, coming together to enjoy a day in nature — while wearing some gorgeous clothes.

As peppy as his grass greens, sunshine yellows and fuchsia pinks were, and that stunning short-sleeve floral-embroidered tulle gown with black-and-white waistband that had the ease of a T-shirt, there was something about the all-white looks that struck a chord: a strapless gown framed in feathers for a screen siren, and an easy, short-sleeve, ground-sweeping crochet lace dress for a more earthy glamourpuss. A classically elegant white shirt with cinched puff sleeves, worn over a wide belted black ball skirt, looked timeless, as did a pair of draped, rose-gold sequin goddess gowns.

Saab has a way with jumpsuits, and there were a lot to like, including one in a black translucent tulle with jet crosshatch beading that would seem Hollywood bound. A pants suit in pale blue with rosette embroideries was also charming.

The mood is “more fancy-relaxed and cool clothes than high-heels,” the designer said, acknowledging, “It’s a very critical period now. The atmosphere is very heavy and we have a lot of problems as a country. But Lebanese people always find time to be happy and celebrate life.”

Including the designer, whose son and company chief executive officer, Elie Saab Jr.  and his wife, Christina Mourad, welcomed their first child, baby Sophia Saab, this month.  “I’m so happy about that,” the proud grandpa said. “She’s so beautiful.”

(Elie Saab RTW Spring 2021:The mood is "more fancy-relaxed and cool clothes than high-heels," the designer said; 

Carolina Herrera RTW Spring 2021

Forget Zoom wear. Wes Gordon believes that life still offers occasions of celebration, and, he says, women want to dress for them.


Wes Gordon believes that women want to get dressed. He’s banking on it.

The Carolina Herrera collection that Gordon unveiled today is all about getting dressed. Really dressed. These aren’t waist-up, casual glam clothes for Zooming, but clothes for living in, and going out in, the world, with a decidedly evening bent to boot. Gordon worked that direction apologetically, spending not a moment on anything resembling an at-home loungewear component.

Which is not to say he’s oblivious to reality. To wit, he conducted a preview appointment from his farm in Connecticut, where he just started quarantining the day after returning from Atlanta and his sister’s backyard wedding. Yes, she wore a real bridal gown.

Our women are still celebrating. Those life milestones are still happening,” Gordon said. “There are still birthdays, there are still weddings, there are still those occasions with close friends and family, and you want to feel joy. The look and feel of the celebration have changed, but it’s still a special occasion, and clothes can help make those moments something you remember.”

To capture the sense of occasion, Gordon created a show for digital viewing, his venue the old Williamsburg Savings Bank headquarters in Brooklyn. He noted that, despite the lack of audience, creating the show felt happily familiar. “We did the whole thing as if it were a real show,” he said. “KCD produced it, we had hair and makeup, we had all these people whose [typical] annual professional calendars are defined by fashion shows and fashion week. People who do it because they love it and they are passionate about it.”

Gordon worked a deft, delightful fusion of flamboyance and restraint. As always, he drew on elements of the house founder’s style, both her classicism (the essential white shirt) and her flamboyance (Ruffles! Dots! Volume!). His favorite accessory: big “pearl” button earrings taken from those Mrs. Herrera wears in a famous Mapplethorpe portrait.

Yet here, Gordon found inspiration as well in two other women with very different styles: Mia Farrow in “Rosemary’s Baby’s” mode, which is to say, spare and innocent, and Sade, from whose controlled bravado (and single, long braid) Gordon derived a determined sensuality.

The disparate references coalesced into an intelligently rendered lineup in which he tempered his more effusive inclinations with smart restraint, including all-flat shoes. One of the collection’s recurring themes, a demonstrative triple-loop bow bodice, topped otherwise spare silhouettes: short and long dresses in black and pink, respectively, and reimagined as a cropped top over black high-rise trousers. Similarly, a bolero with take-flight shoulder treatment (inspired by a different Mrs. Herrera photograph) tops mannish trousers and brogues. Curvy dresses and pants looks cinched by wide belts reflect the Sade influence. As for the numerous short, flirty dresses, they charmed, from a plain white mini (the most overt Mia homage) to those with varying degrees of decoration — black slip with big bow detail; white petal-like embroidery; a fanciful eruption of pink tulle.

Throughout Gordon worked in some fresh shirting stripes and other looks that could pass as daywear. But overall, this collection was about dressing up for events and, Gordon said, “getting back to falling in love with fashion again.” Will women feel the same way? Let’s hope so.

(Carolina Herrera RTW Spring 2021:Forget Zoom wear. Wes Gordon believes that life still offers occasions of celebration, and, he says, women want to dress for them; 

Pantone Unveils Spring-Summer New York Fashion Week Color Palette

After months of quarantine and seismic economic challenges, consumers can brighten their outlooks with spring-summer colors.


After months of self-isolation brought on by the global pandemic, economic upheaval, record-high unemployment and civil unrest in some cities, the promise of spring may hold greater meaning. Indicative of how millions may be eager to lighten the mood, the spring-summer 2021 New York Fashion Week color palette consists of brightening and soothing shades. Leading the charge is Marigold, followed by Cerulean, Rust, Illuminating and French Blue. The second half of the assortment includes Green Ash, Burnt Coral, Mint, Amethyst Orchid and Raspberry Sorbet. Variations of these colors are expected to crop up in the coming days, when New York designers reveal their collections via drastically scaled-down shows, virtual shows, Zoom presentations, private appointments or however they choose to debut their designs.

Referring to the color choices, the Pantone Color Institute’s executive director Leatrice Eiseman said they present the opportunity to have fun with one’s wardrobe and to put together unique combinations. She said, “Here, we’ve got light, mid tone, bright and dark. What it’s playing to is this whole idea of more choices for people. The idea is that they have had so little choice in so many other areas of their lives in the last several months, let’s try to have some fun again. That’s what we’re looking for and fashion gives us that opportunity.”

With millions of people around the world still working from home for the foreseeable future, many WFHers are craving a shot of color and signals of a new season while others are quite content with their quarantine-inspired wardrobe favorites, according to Eiseman. “There are two sectors that will affect not only our interior world but also our clothing. If you have been wearing a lot of gray sweats and some of the other things that people have been wearing, people are really longing to get out and wear some color. We’re already in that process. Others are saying, ‘This is my comfort level. This is what I’m doing every day and I am OK with it.’”

Fashion designers, interior decorators and other creatives have understood the power and mood-altering effects of color for as long as their disciplines have been practiced, but the coronavirus-prompted confinement has enlightened more people to that idea. With many ready for “an instant refresh” — whether that be for the color preferences or wardrobes — the hues you choose can “give you something to look forward to to get your energy level up,” Eiseman said. Marigold 14-1050 Like Rust, Marigold is more commonly associated with autumnal scenes — cornucopia, pumpkin patches and such. The fact that both shades are key for fall speak to the nonseasonal apparel trend that has been in place for few years, Eiseman said.

With its warm base, Marigold is a cozy, friendly color, according to the color expert. Khaite, Maara Collective’s Julia Shaw, M.M. La Fleur and other labels have used Marigold.

Cerulean 15-4020 K2 climbers and other Himalayan mountaineers have raved about the cerulean sky on a crystal clear day at upwards of 28,000 feet. But consumers don’t need to reach such heights to share that level of appreciation, especially after months in lockdown. Steadfast as lovers of the color blue are, they are always in search of a new variation of their preferred blue, Eiseman said.

Rust 18-1248 Victoria Beckham and Meghan Markle are two of the high-profile stylesetters who are unofficial advocates of Rust. The color’s ranking in Pantone’s spring-summer palette was a surprise to Eiseman. In addition to its seasonless appeal, Rust offers a bit of pragmatism in that some consumers may be inclined to dip into their closets to retrieve rust-colored items from seasons past.

Illuminating 13-0647 Who isn’t appreciative of the promise of a sunny day at this point? Instinctively, this is a color that people are naturally drawn to. The same might be said for plants. This “ultimately joyful color” is not only associated with a cloudless day, but also sunny from a psychological standpoint. Anna Sui used glints of it in her spring-summer 2021 inspiration.

French Blue 18-4140 The late New York Times street photographer made this color his signature look, but more contemporary style arbiters like Kate Middleton have been known to sport French Blue for prime photo-ops. The reality is that people who favor blue are not inclined to stop wearing it, but they do like to update their shades with what they don’t have, Eiseman said. “The human eye is notoriously fickle. Put something new into their line of vision and their eye is drawn to it. Whether they ultimately buy it or not is another point.”

Green Ash 13-0117 However dystopian this name might sound, this is a restorative and regenerative hue. In tune with the the upswing in gardening, hiking and longing for the great outdoors, Green Ash is gaining interest from city dwellers and suburbanites alike. “Even people who live in apartments find themselves hungering for gardens,” Eiseman said. A recent survey showed that more than 55 percent of American adults are tending to gardens or caring for their lawns and 20 percent said that they were likely to head outdoors to accept the green thumb challenge.

Burnt Coral 16-1529 Building off the interest in Coral, a former Pantone Color of the Year, Burnt Coral has a familiarity and comfort level, Eiseman said. Given that, some people feel that wearing Burnt Coral can be like wrapping themselves in a warm blanket, she added. Burnt Coral also represents the preservation of the coral reef, which has been of increasing concern along Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and other areas. Acknowledging how consumers’ interest in coral seems to be holding on, she said some may choose to wear coral garments purchased a few seasons ago or to update with this new variation.

Mint 16-5938 As its name suggests, Mint is the quintessential refreshing shade. “When we hear the word, we automatically associate it with the taste of mint. It is a cleansing color. Cleansing is a really important word. Who today doesn’t respond to the word cleansing?” Eiseman said. “Colors like Mint, Green Ash, French Blue and Cerulean play well to the whole concept of cleansing.”

Amethyst Orchid 17-3628 Unquestionably a unique combination, Amethyst Orchid offers a dose of originality to the spring-summer palette. Amethyst conjures up images of a “big, beautiful sparking stone,” whereas Orchid offers an exotic undertone with a new dash of purple, Eiseman said. “A great addition” to the spring-summer lineup, she said Amethyst Orchid, like Cerulean, “adds a bit of sophistication.” Apple Watch owners may recognize Mint, Amethyst Orchid and Raspberry Sorbet as the illuminated rings on their watches. Chalking that up to merely a “happy connection,” Eiseman said, “Apple people are really on top of what’s happening in the world of color.”

Raspberry Sorbet 18-2043 Reminiscent of the pastel packaging for Kylie Skin by Kylie Jenner, Raspberry Sorbet is a surprisingly versatile color. Raspberry Sorbet is dualistic in that it has both cooling and warm properties. This all-encompassing color also hints at how a little indulgence is well-earned post-lockdown. Comfort food offered a little relief for some while quarantining and spring colors like this one can have a similar effect.

The Pantone Color Institute also has delivered its five core colors for spring-summer 2021:

Spring-Summer 2021 Core Classics

Inkwell 19-4016 This deep resonant blackened blue is always a favorite in spring and summer, Eiseman said. Solid and very intense, this anchoring color can be used as a great background color, she added.

Ultimate Gray 17-5104 Quietly assuring, Ultimate Gray is practical in every direction – all of the spring-summer 2021 selections work with gray.

Buttercream 11-0110 The pandemic set off what might be described as a worldwide bake-off followed by the sourdough bread backlash. But Buttercream offers a warmer dimension. Although white is a given in spring and summer, Buttercream is not a pure white.

Desert Mist 14-1127 The color of shifting sands, Desert Mist blends well with cooler and warm colors.

Willow 16-0632 Another indicator of the public’s need for nature, Willow and other greens have been gaining traction in recent seasons. “There’s hardly anything you can do wrong with anything that is green today. There is now more significance because people are longing to escape into the greens even if it’s just Central Park to take a walk and look at some of the greenery that is there.”


(Pantone Unveils Spring-Summer New York Fashion Week Color Palette: After months of quarantine and seismic economic challenges, consumers can brighten their outlooks with spring-summer colors. 

Where to Travel in 2021: Travel after Covid-19


  The world is changed dramatically; we can't plan to travel, have no music concerts, and have no sports events; everything is postponed due to the deadly coronavirus. But things are getting in control over time, and scientists are giving positive news related to the Covid-19 vaccine. Let's be positive and plan for 2021, here you will find the best recommendations for the destinations that will be popular in 2021. Don't miss a single one!




As the second-largest country in the world, Canada has become one of the most popular destinations for 2021 due to its enormous cultural offer and the variety of outdoor activities that can be experienced in different parts of the country.

Whether you want to tour the West Coast and drive yourself into the Rocky Mountains or Vancouver Island, for example; Or you decide to visit the beautiful eastern provinces such as Quebec, Ontario, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island, among others, Canada is full of adventures to experience at any time of the year.

In addition, Canada is listed as one of the favorite destinations to experience the famous northern lights. These magical northern lights are one of the main attractions of the Yukon.



If you want to enjoy a few days of relaxation on the best beaches in the world, the Philippines can not miss among your destinations to visit next year. Its paradisiacal islands fall in love at every step.

Discover beautiful fish on the island of Boracay, one of the most famous in the world, or swim with the impressive whale shark in Cebu. Of course, visit El Nido, a must in the Philippines, and enjoy its unique settings full of nature and fascinating beaches.



This destination is a favorite of travelers, and we find more and more reasons to fall in love with Thailand.

This country is full of attractions, from its most iconic beaches in Phuket and the Phi Phi islands, to its least explored corners such as Khao Sok National Park. The options for activities in Thailand are endless.



Morocco is a place that never ceases to amaze. With its fascinating Arab culture and its many hidden treasures, exploring this country is a must within the destinations that will be popular in 2021.

From Marrakech, you can visit impressive places such as the Djemaa el Fna market square, the multiple mosques, its valleys, and the Merzouga desert, where you can spend the night under a typical haima while letting yourself be carried away by the tranquility of the clear and starry sky.



Japan amazes travelers with its culture and modernity in big cities like Tokyo, where the world's busiest crosswalk is located while retaining its ancestral side reflected in more traditional temples and buildings like the iconic Osaka Castle.

Experience the best of Japan by visiting its traditional Buddhist temples, the famous Arashiyama Bamboo Forest, and Shiga Kogen National Park, just to name a few sites, as this country is full of impressive places to explore.



The country that gave rise to yoga practice will be one of the favorites to visit in 2021. Its iconic cities such as bustling Delhi and pink Jaipur, along with the devotional culture and spirituality that is breathed in India, are some of the reasons why this destination will be popular this new year.

Not to mention that in Agra is the magnificent Taj Mahal, a modern wonder of the world that leaves everyone who visits it speechless. This monument should definitely be on your list, along with other attractions in India, such as the golden temple and the residence of the Dalai Lama.



The beautiful land where much of the famous Amazon is located, the world's lung, is a must for next year.

This country offers beautiful beaches, unique sunsets, nature, and eco-tourism activities in its most famous destinations such as Copacabana and Rio de Janeiro, but it is also the perfect place to discover less explored places such as the Lençois Maranhenses National Park, where the only one desert in the world with its own lakes.

Costa Rica


Costa Rica has been gaining popularity in recent years, especially due to the country's eco-tourism activities.

Here is one of the ten best rivers in the world for rafting: the Pacuare River. Also, canyoning can be done in several of the volcanoes found in this destination, among them the most famous for doing this activity is the Arenal Volcano.

Do not forget that there are also the best zip lines in the world in Costa Rica, where you can enjoy unique landscapes while you fly over the treetops of this exotic country.



The land of mariachi, tequila, and the most beautiful beaches is becoming increasingly popular with travelers. Mexico falls in love with its culture, its people, and its unparalleled places to discover in different parts of the country.

From the north, passing through the iconic Copper Canyon in Chihuahua, following Guadalajara, the "Perla Tapatia," to the beautiful states of Oaxaca and Chiapas, among others.



The adventure activities that can be found in Peru is one of the reasons why you should travel to these beautiful Inca lands. The Salkantay trek to Machu Picchu is undoubtedly one of the most incredible in the world, in addition to the variety of routes to take to discover this wonder of the world.

If you want to spend a few days exploring places like the mythical Cusco, the city of Lima, Paracas, and the incomparable mountain of the seven colors, Peru has everything to offer an unforgettable trip.

DYSON Airwrap™ Complete Styler – for Multiple Hair Types and Styles



  Airwrap™ Complete Styler – for Multiple Hair Types and Styles DYSON icon

What it is: A styler engineered for multiple hair types and styles, featuring Coanda air styling and propelled by the Dyson digital motor.

Who it's for: Suitable for multiple hair types and styles.

What it does: It allows you to curl, wave, smooth and dry hair with no extreme heat. The styler attracts and wraps hair using only air. The Coanda effect attracts hair to the barrel, wraps it for you—no clamping mechanisms or gloves, just voluminous curls and waves. It styles and dries simultaneously. It combines powerful airflow with controlled heat to dry your hair as it styles.

Features and benefits:

- 1.2-inch Airwrap barrel engineered to create voluminous curls or waves.

- 1.6-inch Airwrap barrel engineered to create loose curls or waves.

- Firm smoothing brush engineered to smooth and control frizz-prone hair.

- Soft smoothing brush engineered to gently align and smooth fine hair.

- Round volumizing brush engineered to volumize and shape fine, flat hair.

- Pre-styling dryer takes hair from wet to damp to prep for styling.

- No extreme heat damage thanks to intelligent heat control; measures air temperature over 40 times a second to prevent extreme heat damage while styling.

- One-click attachments and cool-touch tips designed with quick-release switch allow you to easily change attachments while styling.

- Symmetry barrels move clockwise and counter-clockwise for symmetrical curls.

- Easy clean filter that is magnetic, removable and washable and comes with a filter cleaning brush.

- Cool shot button sets your style.

  • Negative ions help reduce static in the hair.


Home Goods as Fashion

Shoppers are spending more on trendy home goods during lockdown to turn their living spaces into personal sanctuaries.


From top, clockwise: Gucci's coffee pot; Lobmeyr's floral motif tumbler at Moda Operandi; Laguna B's glass, available exclusively at Moda Operandi; Carl AŸbockÕs brass paperweight available at; Jennifer FisherÕs 10-karat gold-plated ring; Dinosaur Designs' resin bowl, available at Moda Operandi; Jonathan Adler's votive candleholder, and Poltrona Frau Style and Design CentreÕs plexi case. Jong Hyup Son/WWD

With gyms, museums, theaters and restaurants closed or operating at limited capacity, people are spending inordinate amounts of time at home. Rather than investing in a new status handbag or dress, there is a priority for home furnishings. And thus, everyday objects like candles, slippers, loungewear and bed linens are taking precedence as shoppers look to transform their homes into personal sanctuaries.

Influencers’ dwelling spaces have become their new social media backgrounds during this period of isolation, rather than events or far-flung vacation destinations. As such, certain home decorating trends have begun to emerge on Instagram, with some veering toward midcentury minimalism and others a candy-colored pastel aesthetic. While fashion companies raced to put out branded masks in the months immediately following the coronavirus’ outbreak, it seems like home fashions could be their next uncharted frontier.

Look no further than the upcoming, reformatted New York Fashion Week as an indicator that home furnishings are a newfangled element of style. Home improvement store Lowe’s, best known for plumbing supplies and timber, is the event’s newest sponsor — tasked with building out impressive structures for those few designers presenting their collections outside. One of those taking part is Jason Wu, who last month introduced a kitchen faucet collection with longtime collaborator Brizo.

Even emerging designers are turning to home goods as a means to generate sales during this difficult time. LVMH Prize semifinalist Emilie Helmstedt will release a collection with a Brown’s this month that will include robes, pajamas, silk turbans and area rugs. “It all plays to the world situation right now of having something to wear at home,” Helmstedt told WWD.

(Home Goods as Fashion:Shoppers are spending more on trendy home goods during lockdown to turn their living spaces into personal sanctuaries.: 

CFDA Reveals Digital Lineup for NYFW



The Council of Fashion Designers of America released its schedule for New York Fashion Week this morning, featuring 60 designers who are lined up to present their spring 2021 collections digitally.

This go-round, the CFDA will focus on its Runway360 digital platform, which allows brands the flexibility to show their collections in a variety of formats, such as look books, videos, movies, livestreams of fashion shows, and at a time that works for them. The platform has been developed to engage domestic and International press, consumers and retailers, most of whom are unable to travel to New York during this time.

NYFW kicks off Sept. 13 with Jason Wu, who is having a live fashion show at 5 p.m. for an audience of 25 to 30 people for his contemporary collection on the roof of Spring Studios, that will be streamed. It will be followed at 7:30 p.m. by Harlem Fashion Row's virtual fashion experience featuring several designers of color, such as Kimberly Goldson, Kristian Loren and Rich Fresh.  The event, which has designers  scheduled practically every half hour,  wraps up on Sept. 16 at 7 p.m. with Tom Ford, who will post images of his collection on the platform.

Among the returning women’s designers and brands participating are Alabama Chanin, Alice + Olivia, Anna Sui, Badgley Mischka, Bibhu Mohapatra, Carolina Herrera, Chromat, Claudia Li, Dennis Basso, Eckhaus Latta, Jonathan Simkhai, LaQuan Smith, Marchesa and Marchesa Notte, Naeem Khan, Nicole Miller, Veronica Beard, and Zero + Maria Cornejo. Fifteen are new to the schedule, including Aknvas, Anne Klein, Colleen Allen, Our Doux, Duncan, Frère, Imitation of Christ, Oak & Acorn, Venicew, Wiederhoeft, and Wolk Morais.

Absent from the CFDA’s September lineup are designers such as Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Prabal Gurung, Proenza Schouler and Tory Burch, who are developing different plans to introduce their spring 2021 collection. Marc Jacobs has no plans to produce a spring 2021 collection.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has upended the global fashion industry and hit New York particularly hard,” said Steven Kolb, chief executive officer of the CFDA. “Fashion week is a critical time when brands are able to connect with press, retailers and consumers, and I’m proud of how quickly the CFDA pivoted to support the needs of the industry by creating Runway360.”

Kolb said he was excited to see 15 American new brands to the schedule, many presenting for the first time who might not have had the chance to share their collections with a global audience without this platform. “We’re also excited to highlight the incredible talent coming out of Harlem’s Fashion Row, and announce the return of New York Men’s Day. In the face of unprecedented challenges and uncertainty within our industry, the American fashion community has once again come together to support each other and prove its resilience,” said Kolb.

New York Men’s Day will present 10 emerging men’s wear and gender-fluid designers digitally on Runway360 on Sept. 15 from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m., EST. Most are showing look books and video, whole some are showing look books only.

Participating men’s wear or gender-fluid designers are Apotts, Carter Young, David Hart, Future Lovers of Tomorrow, Ka Wa Key, Official Rebrand, Stan, Teddy Vonranson, Timo Weiland and Wataru Tominaga.

This season is obviously very different from the past NYMD’s we have done, but it’s now more important than ever to provide a platform for emerging designers to showcase their collections and it’s why NYMD was conceived in the first place,” said Erin Hawker, founder of Agentry PR, which produces and executes New York Men’s Day.

“We’re extremely happy to continue our mission of supporting new and young talent and even though we might not be showing in physical spaces this season, we’re still proud to be able to offer a digital space for our designers to make it uniquely their own to showcase their creations to the world,” said Hawker.

Runway360 was developed to incorporate key aspects of the designer business, from fashion shows to press, sales and consumer activations in an effort to help drive sales and showcase American fashion creativity. The portal supports AR/VR, 360-degree capabilities, livestreams, e-commerce extensions, consumer shopping features and social media integration. The hub also allows designers to host virtual press conferences and present press kits and fashion show and product images. Brands will be able to activate the integrated shopping elements on their pages to directly target consumers.

Kolb explained that early in the pandemic, CFDA pivoted its efforts toward responding to COVID-19, reallocating and raising money. They granted $5 million to brands that needed support and help, and $1 million of it went to Harlem’s Fashion Row for designers of colors. Then, after talking to designers who have shown in the past and CFDA members, some designers didn’t have the budget to put a collection together or have a presentation, either digital or live. They were focused more on their employees, and building out e-commerce. “A lot of brands had to make the decision with limited funds, what was the best way to allocate them,” said Kolb.

He said a significant amount of brands were planning to go to market, and some were going to do spring 2021 collections later in the season, such as Michael Kors, which will broadcast his spring 2021 collection across the brand’s social and digital platforms globally in October.

The list of participants will probably grow as it gets closer to NYFW, says Kolb. There is no cost to participate. Every participant gets an assigned time, and if a viewer misses it, he or she can view it later on the platform. Brands that aren’t on the official Fashion Calendar can also be on Runway360, as a way to present their collection, said Kolb.

Kolb believes this will prove to be a real asset for international guests.

“Anyone anywhere in the world can watch these shows or tap in and see these collections. I think that’s a real advantage for the brands using Runway360, not just this season but also as we move forward and the world changes back to something semi-normal. There will always be this Runway360 platform which will set alongside people who do live events,” said Kolb.

Kolb said that brands have the option whether they want to give complete open access or they want to restrict it. Retailers can be connected right to the virtual showroom, media gets access to press kits and images, and consumers can sometimes pre-order or get notification when a product is available.

The calendar shows that a special  announcement will be made Sept. 14 at noon. Kolb declined to divulge what the announcement is. However, as reported, the winners of the CFDA Fashion Awards will be revealed on and CFDA’s social channels the morning of Sept. 14.

Simultaneously, IMG’s New York Fashion Week: The Shows is moving ahead with its program which takes place Sept. 13 to 17 with a mixture of live and virtual fashion shows, presentations, and other programming.

On Tuesday, New York Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo gave the green light for the shows to go on from Sept. 13 to 17 — but with significant restrictions in terms of attendees and venues, as reported. The news from Cuomo’s office is in keeping with current state COVID-19 guidelines. Under New York State health and safety guidelines, outdoor events will be capped at 50 persons and indoor events at 50 percent capacity with no spectators. The new mandate from the governor may help some designers who have yet to decide whether they host physical or virtual shows this coming season.

An IMG spokesman said Tuesday that for open-air events with a capacity of 50 spectators, media and buyers would be invited as part of the spectator count. “For indoor events operating as media productions, press would be factored into the reduced capacity headcount for working professionals on-site to also include due talent, cast and crew,“ he said. “As always, designer p.r. teams will determine invitees and/or participants for their individual shows, presentations or content productions, managing against this season’s limited-capacity requirements with IMG’s support.”

As reported, IMG said it is working closely with New York State officials to ensure compliance with all health and safety requirements and has agreed that there will be no spectators for indoor events; and a limited number of private events held outdoors on the Spring Place rooftop will adhere to reduced capacity guidelines of no more than 50 people.


One of the top fashion trends of Autumn/Fall 2020 are bright pop color suits. That means suits in beautiful colors will be the fashion norm. Also, natural, neutral, sand color tones from head to toe will be fashion must haves. (suit jacket shown: Nic + Zoe) 


The Best Body Scrubs to Keep Your Skin Smooth

The key to glowing, hydrated limbs is exfoliation before moisture.



It's all well and good to take care of your skin—whether on your face or body—but there's really no sense in applying gobs of moisturizer unless you're going to properly exfoliate first. Think of it this way: if you're going to paint, you need to prime the canvas. Same thing goes for your skin—if you really want to properly moisturize and let all of that good hydration soak in, some surface-level gunk might need to be sloughed off first. Here, our favorite scrubs—from salt and sugar to pomegranate and almond shell—to get the smooth and glowing skin you desire...(continue reading