July 2021


Are you looking for a lightweight jacket that gives you a certain amount of coolness? Then you can't avoid the denim jacket! Here you will not only find out where the jacket has its textile roots, but also everything about styling, trends, and care!


What is the denim jacket?


There are now so many different denim jacket models: But what is the denim jacket all about? 

The classic denim jacket is waist or hip length. You will find metal buttons on the patch breast pockets, on the sleeves, and in the middle to close. It has a collar that is folded down. Two longitudinal seams on the front emphasize the figure. Adjustment tabs on the lower collar are also typical.

By the way: denim is actually a cotton blend. The fabric becomes much more durable than your T-shirts with a special weaving technique.


The history of the denim jacket


The denim jacket was originally developed for locomotive drivers. The robust fabric and the wide cut were perfect for the hard work. In 1946 the denim jacket was easily available to the masses for the first time - and started a wild fashion career: Elvis, hippies, rockers - for all of them, the jacket was a symbol of freedom and rebellion. Of course, patches and embellishments could not be missing. In 1967 Levi's designed the "Levi's Strauss Trucker Jacket": New were the longitudinal seams on the front, which emphasize the waist. This finally made the denim jacket a fashion piece that has become an integral part of the fashion world.


How does a denim jacket have to fit?


The classic denim jacket should fit loosely, and the bottom hem should either be tailored or end on the hip. In the meantime, however, the jacket is available in so many different versions that the fit always turns out a little different, anything you like is allowed. However, there is a law on jeans jackets: the bigger and wider the fit, the more casual it looks. So if you want a light jacket for a more chic outfit, choose a classic cut. Otherwise, there are no limits to your styling. 


These are the 6 biggest denim jacket trends

The Classic


Waist-length, loose in the waist with a relaxed fit on the shoulders: the original cut is timeless and just always works. We particularly like the combination of light rock and casual sweater.




With this trend, the denim jacket ends at waist height or even directly under the chest. The short version of the denim jacket is particularly cool when the hem is slightly frayed at the bottom. The cut especially emphasizes the middle of the body: You can reinforce the effect by combining a pair of high-waisted pants.


Straight Cut


Wondering what is the difference between this model and the classic denim jacket? The classic denim jacket has a much wider cut at the waist and sleeves. The straight cut plays around the figure more, and you look slimmer. In addition, this rather simple version can really be combined with everything. 


Oversize & Boyfriend


Oversize jackets have been with us for some time now. Of course, there is also the denim jacket in the oversized edition. The trend originated in the 90s. In recent years, hardly anyone has escaped the nostalgia of the 90s vibes in the fashion world.

The boyfriend style is a bit oversized but is trendy as well. The style suggests you are wearing up your significant denim jacket, hence the term “boyfriend” style. 


Black and White


You don't just have a choice when it comes to the cut of the denim jacket: black and white brings color variety to your jacket selections. Another advantage is that you can also wear them on items of clothing that might have been less suitable for the blue color. The outfit looks particularly stylish when the black or white can be found in another piece of clothing.




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