January 2019

Monili Trim Drawstring Shopper Bag BRUNELLO CUCINELLI



  Monili Trim Leather Shopper Bag BRUNELLO CUCINELLI icon

Monili beaded stripes sparkle from a large shopper made from finely grained, polished Napa trimmed with calfskin handles for a bit ifbtectiral contrast. A water resistant fabric lining helps protect both your essentials and the bag, and internal structure maintains its shape without compromising the soft, supple feel of the leather. 


Monili Trim Drawstring Shopper Bag BRUNELLO CUCINELLI


  Monili Trim Drawstring Shopper Bag BRUNELLO CUCINELLI icon

A practical play on texture, this clear shopper showcases a snap out pouch made from Fresno- coated herringbone twill, a key fabric of this season’s collection. A hemp rope drawstring and a water resistant lining help keep essentials safe and secure, while signature mobile reading and glossy calfskin trim provide a refined counterpoint to the more rustic elements. 


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City Fringe & Monili Trim Crossbody Bag BRUNELLO CUCINELLI


  City Fringe & Monili Trim Crossbody Bag BRUNELLO CUCINELLI icon

Shiny mobility beading and hand cut fringe add artisanal touched to a compact bag crafted from rustic canvas tgat’s Metallic foil printed for a kané like sheen. Thoughtfully designed inside and out, it features a protective, water resistant fabric lining and plenty of card slots to organize essentials. For even more practicality, the contrasting leather strap can be removed to convert the look into a clutch.