Cooking: Salmon Croquettes

Salmon is an extremely healthy way to eat fish and have a scrumptious meal. The focus is the salmon, so let's find a way to make the salmon the centerpiece. 

A can of salmon or fresh salmon flaked.

1 egg, brown or white.

A sprinkle of salt and pepper. Enough to cover the salmon once the egg and salmon have been mixed. 

Combine the ingredients in a bowl, metal or glass preferred. 

Use a large spoon and scoop the salmon into balls. Put the salmon balls into a lightly oiled pan. Vegetable oil is preferred but you can also melt butter or use olive oil. Press the salmon into the pan in small sections and cook. Brown the salmon patties on each side and then remove from the pan. Place the cooked patties on small pieces of paper towel to remove any additional oil. Serve garnished with parsley. 

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Sep 10
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Sep 10
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