September 2017

Halloween Gingerbread House


Halloween Gingerbread House

Conjure the Halloween spirit with our spooky haunted house, complete with resident ghosts. Artisan bakers prepare the gingerbread from scratch according to a classic recipe, with custom molds for a perfect fit. Each house is hand decorated with a bewitching array of icing and colorful candies, complete with "Happy Halloween" plaque above the door and an RIP headstone at the entrance – making it the perfect centerpiece for ghoulish gatherings. Can be personalized.


Burn More Calories Jogging Than Racewalking for 30 Minutes

Walking superfast can burn more calories than a daily jog. At a quick enough pace, walking is actually harder than running and therefore expends more energy. Walking out burns running once you hit 5.5 miles per hour. That's just under eleven minutes per mile.  Walking that fast, you'll burn an average of 252 calories per hour. 30 more than if you would if you jogged at the same speed for the same amount of time. 

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